Friday, April 25, 2008

Cute Chicks in Mandate: Katy Perry, Sasha Grey

Katy Perry is adorable. Here she is in Mandate on the Carson Daly show, singing the charming little ditty "Ur so Gay".

Check out her page:

Also, check out this month's issue of Vice... in general, but especially to see the lovely Sasha Grey in Mandate of Heaven. Here's the shot:

Here's the rest of the spread, to put it in context for you:

Evidently we made the cover in Canada, which incidentally included a super innovative and predictably controversial glow in the dark BMW ad superimposed right over our pretty little pinafore. It's totally invisible until you turn out the lights, so grab one if you're Canadian and have a sexy little moment with Sasha, Mandate, and some damn hot headlights.
Here it is:
Apparently, some people are pissed. Our take:
Yes, it sucks that giant corporations rule the world. However, until you've formulated a perfect scheme to fairly and completely redistribute all the wealth on the planet, don't bitch when someone comes up with a clever little plan to redirect a chunk of corporate cash towards the arts- particularly when said plan ingeniously avoids any aesthetic compromise.
Also, more simplistically:
VICE IS FREE. Producing a magazine is NOT FREE. We enjoy receiving a quality product that costs a lot of money to produce for free, so we will deal with the advertisements- especially when they look cool.
We could go on about this all day, but we digress.

Sasha is a cool girl. A professional pornstar, she has a pretty awesome outlook on her job, and life in general. We haven't met her personally, so we can't swear to it, but the tone of her media manifestos seem very Mandate.
Check here out here:
and also on Vice TV:
and in Penthouse, as shot by Terry Richardson (if you're a prude, just don't look):


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