Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Best Things To Do This Weekend: Mandate Girls on Warped Tour and Choir Boys in Brooklyn

Paige and Katy at Warped Tour:
Remember back in high school, when the funnest thing you got to do all summer was pile your friends into some sweaty car and drive five hours to camp out for a day in the scorching heat of a music festival full of intoxicated, overexcited teenagers like yourself? Remember the impossible parking, the ridiculously overpriced beverages, and that one annoying kid who took too many mushrooms and wouldn't stop yelling in your ear? Remember how, despite everything, you had an amazing time?
You know you want to do that again.

Come out and see our adorable and awesome friends and Mandate girls Paige Wood and Katy Perry kick ass at Warped tour this weekend. For the last month they've been traveling across the continent singing their hearts out and sharing a moving bathroom with a bus full of dirty boys. Now they're en route to Long Island; along with, like, 100 other bands. Come have an old school blast, cheer your head off and make all their hard work worthwhile. And this time, it's only 30 minutes away.
Here's the info:

Van's Warped Tour:
Saturday, July 26th @ Nassau Coliseum; Uniondale, NY
Tickets are $35 (pretty damn cheap for 100 bands); buy them here:
http://www. ticketmaster. com/artist/807329
For transportation info, go here:
http://www. nassaucoliseum. com/publictranspo. htm

So come play with us, and wear a Mandate if you have it! And if you don't... We'll be open all week.

Neckbeard Telecaster Beard-B-Que
Glasslands. Barbeque. A Boy Choir. There is no way you have anything better to do on a Sunday night.

Mandate Loves Music and Summer and Paige and Katy and Mark and Joe and Boy Choirs and YOU.

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