Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall Convertible Ensembles: An Instructional Video and Manual for Your Viewing Pleasure

Hi Kids.

Fall ensemble layering is a desirable skill; thus, education in this field is important.
Please view our high quality instructional video HERE.

For the vimeo-viewing impaired, please find a non-HD version at the bottom of this blog.

Also, for further garment donning edification, please enjoy our still image manual below.




1. Silk playsuits... $245 each
2. Raw silk cummerbund.... $45
3. Removable hood with button on ties.... $50
4. Cummerbund + hood.... $70
5. Playsuit + cummerbund.... $270
6. Playsuit + cummerbund + hood.... $280
7. Raw silk full skirt with tulle underskirt, lining and quilted cat.... $260
8. Skirt + cummerbund+ hood.... $300
9. Skirt + playsuit.... $450
10. Skirt + cummerbund + hood + playsuit.... $500

Fall Ensembles: An Instructional Video (please load if I'm slow) from mandateofheaven on Vimeo.

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