Monday, April 18, 2011

Long Lost Shoots- Sneak Peek

Because most of our designs are one of a kind or limited edition, we photograph just about every piece we make. However, we often sell everything in a shoot before getting a chance to post the images publicly. We've got hard drives full of these things, which seems a slight shame. Thus, this summer we're gonna bring some of these secret shoots to light. Below please find a little teaser from Summer 2007, and check back frequently for much more.

*The moral of this story, btw, is that if you don't want to miss any awesomeness, you'd best come visit! We'll continue, as always, to post as much new stuff online as possible; but if you wanna see it all, you've gotta make the trip ;)*

Mandate of Heaven,Leah Wichler,Carissa Ackerman,fashion,climbing
On Leah: vintage cotton plaid halter playsuit with antique crochet collar and grosgrain sash
On Carissa: vintage cotton feedsack kitten print bloomer playsuit with linen sash

Mandate of Heaven,Leah Wichler,Fashion,Medallion
On Leah: Vintage brushed cotton medallion print convertible overall suit with grograin ties

Mandate of Heaven,Leah Wichler,Carissa Ackerman,fashion
On Carissa: recycled silk bloomer playsuit with recycled silk sash
On Leah: recycled silk backless playsuit with grosgrain sash