Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let it snow.

Hello Darlings,

It's getting cold, and everyone is broke. Definitely time to celebrate.

Are you having a little trouble with that Holiday Spirit business this year? We can help, for real. Here's how:


1. Get yourself the perfect holiday outfit. You'll automatically brighten the atmosphere for yourself and everyone around you. You know how, in the best 30s movies, everyone is dressed to the nines in the middle of that giant ass depression? Same concept.
Feeling too poor to invest in a new dress? Come pick up a playsuit instead. They're perfect for layering- throw a full skirt on top for family time, put on a cardigan for your office party, then wear that baby New Years Eve with just a pair of tights and smile. (Umm.. and maybe throw on a coat if you plan on leaving the house. See below).

2. Get your friends the perfect holiday present... a Boyfriend, perhaps? Ok, so we're talking about the coolest, best-bang-for-your-buck accessories in the land (now available at Mandate)... not a real boy. However, a perfectly placed ice blue feather headpiece that highlights her already exquisite eyes in just the right way could very well up her game to that next level.. and who's to say you can't take a little credit?
If that alone doesn't do the trick, pick up a Mandate of Heaven Gift Certificate- for any amount you'd like- and help your favorite girls acquire the best boyfriend TRAP in the land. Are YOU a boyfriend? Keep your sweetheart happy. See above.

3. Throw the perfect holiday party. You should do this because everyone is broke, and afraid to go out, and we all need a little relief. Make it a BYOB potluck extravaganza... cheap and fun. Invite everyone you really care about. Wrap your gifts, light some candles, throw up some mistletoe, pop in a copy of Scrooged, and put on your Mandate. Then smile, drink up, and let it snow. This way, you won't even need that coat.



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