Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Worst Dressed

It was only a matter of time....
Of course, coming from Star Magazine, we took it as a compliment.  However, we can't help quoting William Norwich's eloquent indictment of such finicky philistines and their recent fashion interest in -surprisingly- this month's Vogue:
" This year, style.com saw more than 18,000,000 page views for images of the Met gala in the days immediately following the party.  Many such visitors want to be inspired and take direction from what the glamorati are wearing, while others in the media sit in the bleachers to boo independent-minded women who take fashion risks.  Who needs a Moral Majority when you already have a Fourth Estate that views social life as a scolding schoolmarm might?"
It's cool to see such insight coming from the fashion bible of the status quo.  Perhaps they'll help spread the love down to their less illustrious mainstream counterparts.

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