Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Boxing Kitteh

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Perfect Gift: Boyfriend's Last Collection Ever

Y'all probably heard that Boyfriend split up a while ago. It was a bummer; their hair pieces and accessories occupied a rare level of innovative and adorable. Lucky for us, they made one last collection before they called it quits, especially for our New Deal Show.

Thus, Mandate of Heaven is pleased to present Boyfriend Winter Ten.

As only show samples were produced, we've just got one or two of each luscious piece-
making these guys, at only $48 each, serious collector's items.
Check out the awesomeness below; all pieces shown are now available exclusively at Mandate.

contact us to make an order or viewing appointment.

BTW, the very last pieces from Boyfriend's previous seasons are available here as well. Get them while you can; they're a genius wardrobe investment.


(All $48)

1. Crushed Velvet Choker with Loop Details and Silver Clasp (available in Red, Black or Gunmetal) CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW

2. Crushed Velvet Choker with Silver Clasp (available in Black, Deep Blue and Brown)

3. Smooth Velvet Choker with Adjustable Snaps (available in Black and Deep Blue)

4. Hair Comb with Pleated Organza Ruffle and Frog Closure (available in Black and Deep Blue)

5. Grosgrain Choker with Pleated Organza Ruffle Collar (available in Black, Cream and Deep Blue) CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW

6. Frog Closure Twin Clips (available in Red and Deep Blue, in sets of 2)

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Brittany Murphy, Rest In Peace

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kate Durbin Enchants California.

New Creature

A Poem by Kate Durbin

(from The Ravenous Audience)



In the barn’s orange blush she is bending to milk the cow when her father takes her from behind.

Not to scream. Not to turn her head. It is the first while on her period. His penis—

an iron-hot poker prodding her aching tunnel. He cums quickly, crying out like an angry child. The cow’s milk spreads like ghost fingers across the barn floor. She thinks of his juices mixing with hers, making a pink, sickly ooze that will stain.

His scream in her ear. He’s seen his bloody prick.

Five knuckles to her neck. Her clothes torn.

Woman’s blood is venom,
her father whispers in her ear. Nightmare. Cause, since the Garden, for banishment. You knew—you poisoned me anyway.

I give you ‘til sunup. Then I release the dogs.

She flees into the forest.

She is naked.


First, only blackness. Branches breaking. Breath.

Twigs reach to jab exposed flesh. Eyes of strange, nocturnal creatures follow. Heading into tangled mass of vegetation, she strikes an erratic path with no destination. Only away. She could be running in circles. She could soon run out on the meadow by the barn where he is waiting, pants down in moonlight, unnerved cock still red with disgrace. The dogs at his side, with honed teeth.

No question of her crime. Crime of being.

She nearly stops at the thought. But the trees are growing thicker, taller. She is going deeper.

No man—not even the cobbler, whom she loves—ever went as far in as she goes now into the forest.


There is wind on skin. There is the moon, it’s mercurial shine. Dirt underfoot. Her steps slowing. Her breath also slowing.

Sounds grow louder and more varied. The nightingale’s trill. The gossip of rodents. The crunching of twigs. In air the sleepy, heady scent of growing things. Faintly familiar. Recalling childhood, her long-dead mother.

It is here in the forest’s dense secrecy she knows she is meant to die.

When she is too tired to lift her feet, she stops to feed on berries, which glow wine in starlight. She drinks from a midnight pool. Her reflection startles her—red hair surrounding pale face like a Christmas wreath, nipples rigid and pink as the noses of barn mice.

She falls asleep, one hand dipped in silvery water.

Ripples go out from the tips of her fingers, where tiny fish come to nibble.


The sun mounts the trees, thawing stiff breasts, sore sex.

At surface, where her fingers still dangle, the water is tepid. She waves her hand. The fish scatter and dart deep to where it is cool and black. She cups the liquid, drinks greedily, then steps into the pool to bathe. Mineral green on her skin is like the cobbler’s caresses, the memory of which is already dimming.

Here…at last, I belong.

The sound of her own voice startles the still air. Bushes near the pool tremble as the stink of some hostile creature rises up, a warning.

Far off, the sound of dogs barking.


Deeper in. Where the trees are black from root to leaf. Where there is no sky.


Days and nights pass. She no longer eats only berries but hunts for rats and mice, snapping their necks, gnawing their flesh while they are still warm and almost alive. Their blood crusts to her fingers, like the red that still barely trickles down her legs, faint stains appearing on the piles of leaves she lays on at night to sleep.


Wakening to ants and beetles swarming over her,

as if her body were a log or a corpse.


Breath making vapors in early air.


The moment she stops walking upright, falling spider-like

to the loam. Creeping forward on all fours, body coated in soil—

an animal, with the animals.


No longer does she see her reflection as she laps as a deer

from pools of fetid water in the forest’s heart.


The air turns. Frost on the branches,

tiny white hairs.




Fevered dreams. Conjuring light on the barn floor as she bows once again beneath the cow. Then the blaze explodes. Her father pushes back inside, taken

by his own blind, brute fire.


How the cobbler’s hands turned to tree bark as he softly sandpapered her skin.

To touch and be touched. To be refined, not reduced

to ashes.


She dies,


at the foot of one ancient black tree.

Roots reaching into earth, deeper than any man has ever dug and retrieved. Deep to cleave.

At water, bone—

to breathe.

Learn more about Kate's awesomeness HERE...


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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Season's Greetings

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

PJ and Sarah Do Art Basel

Basel Installation from Sarah Stuve on Vimeo.

Art Basel Lobby 2009

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PJ's Surprise; or, Why Gift Cards are Awesome.

Y'all remember PJ and Sarah, right? They're that beautiful artist couple that's always making out on the couch at our parties. If you haven't already, check out their work here; they're amazing:

PJ had a birthday a couple weeks ago. Such a lovely young lady deserves the perfect gift for sure; luckily Sarah is a smart cookie, and gave us a call.
We told PJ we needed her help fitting Alexei Perry of Handsome Furs' newest order (their figures are similarly fantastic), and a date was set. Halfway through the fitting, Sarah presented PJ with a gift card; kissing ensued. It was an awesome afternoon. Naturally, we took pictures.
The moral of the story? MANDATE GIFT CARDS MAKE STYLISH GIRLS HAPPY. Get yours here:



1. Opiate Breadline Long Johns: Knit bamboo organic long johns with hand printed breadline stripes.... available to order in small, medium and large, $320

2. Gold Silk Brocade Sweetheart Playsuit: vintage silk playsuit with silk lining, boning, patch pockets, removable halter straps and pleated black tulle trim.... size medium, $290

3. Golden Girls Florida Shirt playsuit: recycled peach linen backless and shoulderless playsuit with removable ties ... fits most, $260

To place an order, or for more information, CONTACT US.


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Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Party/Red Satin is Important

We had a blast at the Mandate holiday party last week- got so drunk so fast, we almost forgot to take pictures. Here are the few we managed.... wish they more properly conveyed the mayhem. BTW, our friends are awesome :)


After everyone left, we remembered the camera. We needed more shots of this little number... so we tried.

Happy Holidays, y'all.


1. Red Vintage Silk Satin Backless Hostess Pantsuit... size extra small, $330

2. Red and Multicolor Plaid Vintage Cotton and Recycled Denim Cat Playsuit... Noelle's Own

3. Turquoise and Gold Vintage Silk Sari Hostess Gown.... Leah's Own

4. Burnt Umber Cotton/Rayon Recycled Shirt Playusit with 70s-Does-Deco Embroidery... size small, $260

5. Black and Gold Vintage Silk Blend Halter Playsuit Fall 09 Collection... Whitney's Own

For more information, or to make a purchase, CONTACT US.


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