Friday, November 13, 2015

The Mandate of Heaven Jeanne d/Arc Collection Motion Picture Show

With: Shanda Woods, PJ Linden, Noelle Lynch, Jenny Zhang, Amy Rose Spiegel, Athena Alicandri, Claudia Lopez, Ryan Manchester, Ariel Chriqui & Carissa Ackerman

Locations: Bergen Hill, Jersey City; Chinatown, Manhattan; Fort Tryon Park, Manhattan; The Cliffs Climbing Gym, Long Island City, NYC; Craig-E-Clair Castle

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Monday, January 26, 2015

"Mojo Thunder"- a Mandate of Heaven Collection 1 Motion Picture Presentation Featuring The Peach Kings

Music: The Peach Kings, "Mojo Thunder"
with Paige Wood, Abby Merrick, Noelle Lynch, Sara Bender, Eleonora Walzack, Caroline Mills, Jennifer Jaffe and Carissa Ackerman
Bergen Hill, Jersey City
The Beacon, Jersey City
The Landmark Loew's Theater, Jersey City
Chinatown, NYC
Pensacola, FL

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Escape To Jekyll Island

A new dress for a new year in gorgeous Jekyll Island, GA (scroll down for outfit details):

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven11_zps8daa9c20.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven12_zps80fbd4c0.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven13_zps6f8f6227.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven14_zpsd27077c2.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven15_zpsa59f1075.jpg  

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven16_zps477325c4.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven17_zps87be1dd8.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven18_zpsa870cd16.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven19_zpsbeba62c6.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven20_zpsa7ee5ca7.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven21_zpsb6f94c4f.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven22n_zps134534b2.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven23n_zps1183ae4a.jpg 

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven24_zpsd2c27bdc.jpg

    photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven25_zps3416afd5.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven26_zps2638ed8d.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven27_zps5eeaaa3d.jpg  

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven28_zps9ee00dd8.jpg

    photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven29_zps9fa41ffa.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven30_zpsb5069c44.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven31_zps4cc1f706.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven34_zps15e093af.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven35_zps2de6036f.jpg

 photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven32_zps4502b5c9.jpg 

   photo JekyllIslandMandateofHeaven33_zps0182d96a.jpg

Mandate of Heaven Mint Collection one of a kind peach silk, printed vintage silk and printed nylon bias cut dress with antique lace insert, semi open back, antique velvet tie backs and antique velvet removable straps; fits xs-s, $348

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